1. ref.ICAR - R package that implements an objective Bayes intrinsic conditional autoregressive prior. This model provides an objective Bayesian approach for modeling spatially correlated areal data using an intrinsic conditional autoregressive prior on a vector of spatial random effects. This is based on Keefe, Ferreira and Franck (2018, 2019). First author in the package is Erica Porter.

  2. BHMSMA - R package for the analysis of fMRI data from multiple subjects. This is based on Sanyal and Ferreira (2012) and uses wavelet basis priors that borrow strength across subjects.

  3. bosd - R package for Bayesian optimal sequential design for monitoring stations networks and for nonparametric regression. This is based on Ferreira and Sanyal (2014) and Ferreira (2015). bosd_0.1-1.tar.gz

  4. mrm - R package with functions to support hidden resolution models for time series analysis and Gaussian process modeling of 1d and 2d (spatial) data via multiscale convolution methods, as described in the book 'Multiscale Modeling -- A Bayesian Perspective,' by Ferreira and Lee (2007).