Statistics Tutoring All Together (STAT) Lab

The purpose of STAT Lab is to centralize office hours for the following courses: STAT 2004, 3005, 3006, 3104, 3604, 3615, 3616, 3704, 4105, 4106, 4204, 4214, 4705, 4706, 4714, 5204G, 5214G. By centralizing, the statistics department will be able to help students struggling in statistics undergraduate courses free of charge.

STAT Lab is not a statistics consulting service – people should refer to SAIG regarding the application of statistics in science. Also, STAT Lab is not an IT service people should refer to 4-HELP for software and hardware problems.

Time/Location: STAT Lab takes place in evenings of Sunday-Thursday. Exact times and locations will change semester to semester depending on availability of STAT Lab tutors. Refer to for details.

2022 QUEST

  • Machine Learning: Discovering the Rules of Life Through Images.
  • Example of Structured Image Data
  • Complete instructions exploring image data with Andromeda
  • Create a Structured Dataset: Link to a python, jupyter notebook to transform images from iNaturalist to structured data.
  • Video: A video demonstrating how to transform image data from iNaturalist to structured data in .csv or .xlsx format.
  • Data Dictionary: A document that defines all of the variables that are created for the structured dataset of the images.
  • Explore Data with Andromeda: Link to a python, jupyter notebook to import data into Andromeda and explore data dynamically.
  • Video 1: A video demonstrating how to import structured data (in .csv format) into Andromeda.
  • Video 2: A video demonstrating how to use Andromeda for data exploration.
  • Syllabi of Classes Taught

    Teaching Statement

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  • Office Hours By Appointment

  • If Dr. House is your professor, please use the following link to make an appointment.
  • If none of the times work for you, please email Dr. House or stop by her office.